A signpost forest welcomes visitors to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory.

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Teslin River (click to enlarge) Atlin Lake, British Columbia (click to enlarge) Picnic area at Carcross (click to enlarge) Alaska Highway west of Watson Lake (click to enlarge)

Teslin River at Johnsons Crossing.

Atlin Lake, British Columbia.

Picnic area at Carcross, Yukon.

Alaska Highway west of Watson Lake.

Miles Canyon, Yukon River (click to enlarge) Highrise log cabin, Whitehorse (click to enlarge) Quonset Church, Haines Junction (click to enlarge) Road Construction, Haines Junction (click to enlarge)

Miles Canyon on the Yukon River.

Highrise log cabin, Whitehorse.

Quonset church, Haines Junction.

Road construction, Haines Junction.

Kluane National Park (click to enlarge) Sheep Mountain, Kluane National Park (click to enlarge) Richardson Ground Squirrel (click to enlarge) Five Finger Rapids, Carmacks (click to enlarge)

Slims River Valley, Kluane National Park.

Sheep Mountain, Kluane National Park.

Richardson Ground Squirrel, Kluane.

Five Finger Rapids, Carmacks.

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