Quadra and Cortes Islands

Quadra and Cortes Islands

The Northern Gulf Islands of Quadra and Cortes, lying between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland, mark the northern end of the Strait of Georgia. Cruise ships plying the Inside Passage between Vancouver and Alaska sail up majestic Discovery Passage depicted here. Safe navigation has only been possible here since 1958 when the world's largest non-nuclear blast in peacetime removed Ripple Rock from the Seymour Narrows.

Quadra and Cortes are a wonderful vacation destination with excellent hiking on Quadra and a variety of parks and attractions on Cortes. Just a two-hour drive northwest of Nanaimo, Quadra Island is easily accessible from Campbell River by hourly car ferry. Another ferry links Quadra to Cortes every two hours. Of the photos below, the top six were taken on Quadra while the bottom six are from Cortes.

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Ferry Landing Quathiaski Cove

Rebecca Spit Provincial Park

Hiking on Quadra Island

Cape Mudge Village

The ferry from Campbell River arriving at Quathiaski Cove.

Looking across to Rebecca Spit Provincial Park.

Quadra Island has numerous hiking trails and parks.

Cape Mudge Lighthouse

Discovery Passage from Maude Island

Heriot Bay, Quadra

Cape Mudge Lighthouse, Quadra.

Discovery Passage from Maude Island.

Fishing boats at Heriot Bay on Quadra.

Klahoose First Nation

Smelt Bay Provincial Park

Loading Clams

Klahoose First Nation near Squirrel Cove.

Smelt Bay Provincial Park, Cortes Island.

Loading clams at Gorge Harbour, Cortes.

Mansons Landing Provincial Park

Flora and Fauna

Cortes Ferry

The lagoon at Manson's Landing Provincial Park.

Examples of the flora and fauna of Cortes Island.

The car ferry between Quadra and Cortes runs six times a day.

A totem pole in Cape Mudge Village, Quadra Island.

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