Bamfield and Alberni Inlet

Alberni Inlet to Bamfield

Throughout the year the MV Frances Barkley plies Alberni Inlet between Port Alberni in the centre of Vancouver Island and the small settlement of Bamfield on the southwest coast. The famous West Coast Trail from Port Renfrew also leads here. Bamfield Inlet cuts the village in two with Brady's Beach and most of the shops, cafes, and B&Bs in Bamfield West and the Marine Sciences Centre and West Coast trailhead in Bamfield East. It's one of the most scenic areas on Vancouver Island.

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Railway Station, Port Alberni

Port Alberni Harbour

The MV Lady Rose

The MV Francis Barkley

Port Alberni Railway Station is adjacent to the harbour.

Port Alberni Harbour with Mount Arrowsmith in background.

The MV Lady Rose operated the original service to Bamfield.

Aboard the current ferry, the MV Frances Barkley.

On the Alberni Inlet

Loading and Unloading Cargo

Fog over Alberni Inlet

Kildonan Floating Post Office

The MV Frances Barkley plies Alberni Inlet yearround.

Loading and unloading cargo from the MV Frances Barkley.

Fog hanging low above a tranquil arm of the Alberni Inlet.

Mail is delivered at the floating Kildonan Post Office.

Main Wharf, Bamfield West

Bamfield Coast Guard Station

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Boardwalk at Bamfield West

The main wharf and general store at Bamfield West.

The colourful Coast Guard Station at Bamfield West.

A highlight of Bamfield East is the Marine Sciences Centre.

The boardwalk along Bamfield Inlet in Bamfield West.

Tofino Air Float Plane

Stray Cat Housing

Amenities along the Boardwalk

Brady's Beach, Bamfield West

A Tofino Air float plane landing on Bamfield Inlet.

A community of stray cats on the boardwalk at Bamfield West.

Sights and amenities along Bamfield West's boardwalk.

Brady's Beach is a 25 minutes hike from the main wharf.



Sea Lion

Bald Eagle

A colony of curious cormorants on the wild west coast.

A seal balanced on a rock off a tiny west coast island.

A sea lion raises its head above the rocky west coast.

Bald eagles are common around Vancouver Island.

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