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Natural Abundance
Native Plant Nursery

The Nanaimo and Area Land Trust operates a Native Plant Nursery on the VanKerkoerle Property in Cassidy, with several thousand native trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants for sale.

The nursery is on 3145 Frost Road off Spruston Road at the Haslam Creek Bridge on the Island Highway, just before Nanaimo Airport (if heading south). After 2 km on Spruston Road turn left on Frost Road, watch for a utility tower and a lavender farm. Opening hours are Wednesdays and Saturdays from noon to 4:30 pm. For more information, call Susan Fisher at 1-250-714-1990.

Why Native Plants:

  • Native plants are more drought and disease resistant.
  • Require less fertilizers, pesticides and care.
  • Offer food and shelter for birds, bees, and butterflies.

How to Take Care:

  • Continue watering the plants in their pots until spring or fall when you can plant them.
  • Find the right spot in your garden regarding shade, sunlight and soil moisture.
  • Soak the plant thoroughly in its pot before planting, and soak the dug out area where the shrub or tree will be planted.
  • During the first two summers water the new plants regularly.

Plants in Stock:

To view the plants, click on the thumbnails below.

NALT, Garry Oak

assorted pots of garry oak

NALT, Grand Fir, Douglas Fir, Yellow Cedar

grand fir, douglas fir, cedar

NALT, Yellow and Western Red Cedar, Red Alder

yellow and western red cedar, red alder

NALT, Roses, Oregon Grape, Salal

roses, oregon grape, salal

NALT, Big Leaf Maple

big leaf maple

NALT, Nodding Onions

nodding onions

NALT, Fringe Cup Saxifragas

fringe cup saxifragas

NALT, Wildflowers

meadow pots with assorted wildflowers

NALT, Stonecrops and Sedums

assorted stonecrops and sedum

NALT, starflower, lupin, cow parsnip

starflower, lupin, cow parsnip

NALT, Yellow Monkey Flower

yellow monkey flower

NALT, Huckleberry, Snowberry, Trailing Blackberry

huckleberry, snowberry, trailing blackberry

... and more

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Turn off to Spruston Road

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Natural Abundance Plant Nursery

NALT Volunteer Susan

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