Nanaimo Parks

The Parks of Nanaimo

One of Nanaimo's biggest attractions is its wealth of parks ranging in size from 336-hectare Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park to the smallest neighbourhood park. There's a great diversity from oceanside parks like Neck Point, Pipers Lagoon, and Jack Point to marshes like Buttertubs, lakes like Westwood and Cottle, rivers like the Chase and Millstone, and sports and recreation centres like Bowen and Beban. The virgin rainforests of Mount Benson and the Linley Valley (DL 56) are still in the process of becoming parks.

Most of Nanaimo's parks are easily accessible from parking or public transportation, while a few areas are available only to hikers. You can join the happy throng in Maffeo Sutton Park downtown or be almost alone on parts of Mount Benson and Newcastle Island. The choice is yours.

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Millstone River, Bowen Park

Hailey Rhododendron Grove

Buttertubs Marsh

Buttertubs Marsh

Millstone River flowing through Bowen Park in fall.

Details of the Hailey Rhododendron Grove in Bowen Park.

Buttertubs Marsh is a stopover for migrating birds.

Mount Benson loaming behind Buttertubs Marsh.

Neck Point Park

Neck Point Park Boardwalk

River Otter, Pipers Lagoon Park

Garry Oak Tree, Pipers Lagoon

Neck Point Park protrudes out into the Strait of Georgia.

The boardwalks of Neck Point Park provide good views.

A river otter consuming a fish off Pipers Lagoon Park.

The protected Garry Oak flourishes in Pipers Lagoon Park.

Linley Valley boardwalk

Cottle Lake, Linley Valley

Sugarloaf Mountain Park

View from Sugarloaf Mountain

A boardwalk along Cottle Creek in the Linley Valley.

Cottle Lake in the center of the Linley Valley.

Sugarloaf Mountain Park provides 360 degree views.

The view across Departure Bay from Sugarloaf Mountain.

Petroglyph Provincial Park

Indigenous Rock Carving

Chase River Estuary Park

Chase River Estuary Park

Petroglyph Provincial Park off Island Highway South.

Indigenous rock carving in Petroglyph Provincial Park.

Riverside boardwalk in Chase River Estuary Park.

The Chase River just before it empties into Nanaimo Harbour.

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