New Brunswick

New Brunswick
Roosevelt Campobello International Park

From 1883 to 1921, future American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt spent most of his summers at the Roosevelt family's 34-room home on rugged Campobello Island in Passamaquoddy Bay, just across a small bridge from Lubec, Maine. On his last regular summer visit Roosevelt discovered that he was afflicted by polio, and although Eleanor and their five children continued to spend their summers there, FDR's convalescence and then his involvement in politics meant that he could only return briefly, in 1933, 1936, and 1939.

Since 1964 some 1,134 hectares of southern Campobello Island have been included in Roosevelt Campobello International Park, including the sizable "cottage" and the grounds where the family hiked, sailed, and played. The park is administered by a joint U.S./Canadian Commission, and park admission and Roosevelt Cottage tours are free. Thirteen kilometers of roads and another 13 kilometers of trails are available. Dolphins and whales frequent the waters offshore.

All of the above is much better known to Americans than to Canadians, and access from the rest of Canada is complicated. You can easily drive across the International Bridge from Lubec, Maine, but getting there by an all-Canadian route involves two car ferry crossings, the first every half hour from L'Etete, New Brunswick, to Deer Island, New Brunswick, then another every hour from Deer Island to Campobello. The Campobello ferry only operates from late June to early September and costs $13 for a car and driver (the L'Etete ferry is free). From June to September camping is possible in nearby Herring Cove Provincial Park, but pricewise it may be best to stay on Deer Island and do Campobello as a daytrip.

From the series Unknown Sights of Canada by David Stanley

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