Go Nanaimo Blog Has Moved

The Go Nanaimo Blog has moved to a new internet address: www.blog.gonanaimo.com.

The archives of the old Go Nanaimo Blog at www.gonanaimo.com/blog used from December 9, 2006, to March 21, 2009, will be left online for reference but this address will no longer be updated. www.blog.gonanaimo.com is taking its place.

To allow greater control of what appears on my blog, I've switched from Blogger to the WordPress publishing platform. I happily used Blogger for over two years but Blogger is owned by Google and I felt it was better to diversify rather than having everything under one tent. I use the Firefox web browser rather than Internet Explorer for the same reason - a diversification away from Microsoft which provides the operating system on my computer.

Another difference between the old and new blogs is the use of categories and tags to allow users to more easily browse related content. This is nothing new in the blogosphere but I wasn't using tags previously.

User comments will now be allowed on the new Go Nanaimo Blog. I've choosen to moderate each individual comment to filter out spam and inappropriate remarks. I welcome intelligent observations or criticism but unrelated comments will not be approved. Feedback, suggestions, and event notices should be sent in using the Contact Us button found on each page.

I invite you to www.blog.gonanaimo.com.

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