Russia Bans Baby Seal Killing

Harp Seal ClubbingThis week Russia banned the killing of baby seals in the White Sea. This leaves only three nations in the world that continue to slaughter baby seals: Greenland, Namibia, and Canada. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin condemned the seal hunt as a "bloody business that should have been banned long ago". Animal lovers worldwide could not possibly agree with him more! Unfortunately this ban only applies to seals less that one year old, but older seal pelts have less value than baby seals pelts and at least adult seals have a chance (albeit a slim one) of escaping whereas baby seals do not because they cannot yet swim and therefore have nowhere to escape.

This move is significant as Russia was one of only two so called "first world' nation that conducted a baby seal slaughter. That leaves Canada as the only so called "advanced' nation on earth that still condones, encourages, and subsidizes this horrific slaughter. Russia's hunt (35,000) was a tiny fraction of Canada's which, at approximately 300,000 baby seals per year, makes it the largest and bloodiest slaughter of marine mammals on earth.

Our politicians need to take a stand on this horrific crime against nature. Until they do and this slaughter is finally relegated to the darkest pages of our history books, thousands of compassionate Canadians will hang their heads in shame for the terrible crime their country is committing towards some of natures' most vulnerable, endangered, and defenseless animals.

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