Prissy the Rescued Racehorse

PrissyThe Greener Pastures Standardbred Adoption Society is seeking a home for Red Star Pristine, a rescued standardbred racehorse. "Prissy" was rescued from the track last year but Greener Pastures could not adopt her out right away because she was just too sore. She is seven years old and has raced since she was two. She doesn't have any specific injuries, just a sore body from being used and abused on the limestone racing track. Greener Pastures has provided her with full veterinary care and the vet prescribed her six months or more off to slowly recover.

But now Prissy's six months is up, she is still not adoptable as a riding horse at this point in time as she needs even more time to rest and recover. The program manager has to find a new for her to make space for the hundreds of other horses who need her spot, as they are facing slaughter. At this point the program manager is looking at euthanizing her within a months time if a new home cannot be found.

Prissy is not your typical ex racehorse, she is quite possibly the most quiet, well behaved horse on the planet. There is not a mean or excitable bone in her body. She would be safe around people of all ages and experience levels. Her temperament is nothing but, sweet, quiet, and loving. Prissy is trained to be ridden, but at this point she is just not comfortable enough and needs a place where she can rest, recover, and be loved. If you know of anyone who wants a special needs little girl horse, please contact Greener Pastures right away. The adoption fee is $500. Prissy has been a slave to the racing industry for her whole life and she deserves a second chance. She is only seven years old, which is young for a horse, and she has so many years of life left in her! For more information email

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