Five Crucial Facts

Nanaimo elementary school teacher Michelle Martin has sent this letter to Prime Minister Harper and Fisheries Minister Shea:

Here are five crucial facts that you should seriously consider before you drop the axe (or the hakapik) on hundreds of baby seals' tiny heads in a couple of weeks' time.

1) Russia is implementing a ban on the killing of baby seals -- please see the International Herald Tribune. Putin refers to this as a "bloody business" that should have ended long ago. Russia used to kill 30,000 baby seals per year and Canada between 200,000 and 330,000 per year. Canada now joins Namibia and a couple of other countries as the last hold-outs of a shameful and brutal industry that has no place in the modern world.

Vancouver 20102) Value of baby seal pelts: 2006: $105. 2008: $35.

3) Value of the seafood boycott against Canada in protest of the baby harp-seal massacre: approximately $750,000,000.

4) The boycott/protest movement against the upcoming Canadian Olympics will ensure that every last person on the planet knows that this Canadian atrocity was resurrected in 1996 and that it continues to target baby seals after they have shed their white coats at two weeks of age.

5) Contrary to the federal government's continued portrayal of Newfoundland as a have-not province, it is now actually the second wealthiest province in the nation. Proceeds from the seal slaughter (which operates at a huge deficit to Canadian taxpayers) barely register in their gross domestic product, and the fishermens' income from seal-killing constitutes less than 5% of their annual income.

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