Anti-Fur Protest Saturday

Saturday, February 14, 2009, is National Anti-Fur Day and events will be taking place in over 25 Canadian cities. In Nanaimo, animal-lovers will be protesting at The Bay in the Woodgrove Centre, North Nanaimo, which sells all sorts of fur "products" including dog fur from China (raccoon dogs), fox trimmed coats, and rabbit items. Also, The Bay in Vancouver has an actual fur salon where they sell full fur coats for between $1000 to $10,000. All winter long at different mainland The Bay locations, this unscrupulous retailer has fur sales where they set up huge racks of fur coats by the makeup counter for evil fur hags to view and buy.

The Nanaimo protesters will gather at the Island Natural parking lot at 11:45 am on Saturday February 14, 2009, then will march over to The Bay. Parking at Island Natural is limited, so consider using the Woodgrove Centre lot across the street. All signs will be provided, and this is a dog and child friendly event (although the organizers will be using megaphones). It won't be a long event, less than an hour, but the group will be doing a press release so hopefully the news will make it into our local papers. Please join this important event if you care about animal rights.

UPDATE: The Bay responded to Canada-wide protests on February 14 by saying that they intend to continue selling fur. The Bay does not want any more phone calls regarding this issue to Carolyn Isaman (tel 1-905-595-7124) or to their head office (tel 1-866-746-7422), so please resist the temptation to call and tell them what you think of their policy of profiting from the mistreatment and slaughter of helpless animals.

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