Developing your Sixth Sense

Have you ever thought about someone, then the phone rings and they are calling you? That's our sixth sense at work, or play. We all have it and use it daily, but with the stress and pressures of this material world we squelch it. To help begin a journey into awakening the intuitive side of our nature, local medium Rosemary Phillips is holding a one-day funshop titled Developing Your Sixth Sense in Nanoose Bay from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday, January 17, 2009. It will be a day of adventure where participants will be saying, "Oh my, I didn't know I could do that," as they learn to tune into that voice within, that "gut" knowing, their own inner wisdom.

This is the perfect year to take a step in developing that "inner" knowing in life because in numerology, 2009 (2+9=11, the Master Number) represents intuition and higher consciousness. Throughout history numbers and numerology have played a key role in all levels of life. Pythagoras, a mathematician and philosopher of Ancient Greece, said, "Eleven is a number of a cycle of new beginnings." Eleven is also the number of light, illumination, extra- sensory and inner-sensory perception, and awakening. It also represents contact with higher dimensions and consciousness, humanitarianism, idealism, justice, revelation and understanding. It is within every one of us.

We all envision a brighter horizon. While there are changes, challenges, and difficulties that have happened and will be happening politically, socially, and materially in the world this year, there is growth, there is hope, and the year 2009 and number Eleven bring just that. In addition, the number eleven carries the colour purple, so you might call 2009 a Positively Purple year. It is the year of knowing, intuition, light, and hope.

To register for Developing Your Sixth Sense, call 250-468-1811. Seat is limited and only available by reservation with a fee of $40. For more information, visit Mediumship and Music.

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