Morgan Carey the Seo Guy

Treesea PlaceIt's not well known around Nanaimo that the one of the internet's leading search engine optimization gurus, Morgan Carey, lives and works in our town. Carey's web development firm, Real Estate Webmasters, is based in the flashy Treesea Place building at 345 Wallace Street, just down from Nanaimo City Hall. Treesea Place got an award for design excellence from the city when it opened in 2000. On any given working day you'll find several dozen staff members and interns hunched over computers in Carey's sprawling offices on the 4th floor of Treesea Place.

Morgan David Carey is the son of entertainer Cathy Davis, a member of the Blue Gambit Band. Carey studied at Vancouver Island University from 1996 to 2000, back in the days when the university-college was called Malaspina. Morgan worked part time in logistics at Sears to pay his way. He has also lived in Florence, Italy, where he studied Renaissance art. In 2003 he became the SEO Guy, helping companies improve their search engine rankings for a fee. Optimizing keywords and building links were and are the name of Carey's game.

After demonstrating his expertise in SEO techniques, Carey decided to specialize and Real Estate Webmasters was born. REW describes itself as “the largest custom real estate web development house in the world.” North American real estate agents looking at internet realty marketing can jump the queue by hiring Real Estate Webmasters to design their website and get it noticed. The company's forums and blogs are among the most active and influential of their kind, although REW's methods are not entirely without controversy.

Morgan Carey's public spirit is on display at Nanaimo Information which he and writer/photographer Gerry Thomasen created to provide comprehensive listings on almost everything relating to Nanaimo. I especially like the forum which allows users to ask questions and look up answers, all for free. As usual, the quality design and unique content are Morgan Carey trademarks.

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