Linda Findlay's Passive Aggressive

Linda FindlayThe Nanaimo Art Gallery, downtown location, 150 Commercial Street, presents local artist Linda Findlay's Passive Aggressive from January 13 to February 14, 2009. Several years ago, Findlay was introduced to images from the electron microscope and was at once captivated by the delicate and complex beauty of single cell life. Intrigued by the universality of the forms of these seldom seen organisms, she initially embarked on a series of 'water' paintings exploring the forms and environments of microscopic plankton as metaphors for the 'unseen'.

Images of viruses first came to her attention through a Vancouver newspaper during the SARS outbreak in Toronto, and subsequent media coverage of the concerns about the possible mutation of H5N1 or 'bird flu'. At once captivated by the beauty of the electron microscope images published with these articles, and inspired by the brightly coloured dyes scientists use in order to view them, Findlay embarked on a series of large-scale acrylic paintings. While she tried to be true to the actual forms of each virus, these paintings are her interpretation of the subject matter.

The frenzy, in the western world, surrounding our fear of new - and old - virus and bacteria strains is fascinating to Findlay. Embroiled within the politics of western medicine, the virility of many viruses has captured our imagination, in part, because they continue to defy our attempts to control them. Delicately beautiful, it is, at times, hard to imagine they are so tenacious and potentially deadly. Fascinated by the dichotomy these images invoke, this collection of paintings is part of an ongoing series of work. Findlay recently started work on a series of paintings exploring DNA.

The opening reception of Passive Aggressive is on Friday, January 15, 2009, from 7 to 9 pm. For more information call 250-754-1750.

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