Havana Book Fair Tour

Cuba Education ToursCuba Education Tours is offering a Librarians and Bibliophiles Havana Book Fair Tour from February 14 to 21, 2009. While on the island participants will be special guests at Book Fair happenings. This event is the largest and most important in Latin America. Guests will visit Cuban libraries, meet Cuban authors, and converse with members of writers and cultural organizations. The group will tour museums and schools involved in the written word. This year's Book Fair theme is "To Read is to Grow."

Additional program highlights include a visit to the famed hand-made art book publisher Ediciones Vigia in Matanzas province, a tour of the Museum of Literacy dedicated to the 380,000 young women and men who volunteered to eliminate illiteracy in 1961, and a private guided walking tour of the main historical sites of Old Havana. Tour members will get an intimate look at the University of Havana where they'll meet with professors and students to better understand Cuba's education system. Plus, this is a chance to explore the largest collection of colonial-era architecture in the Americas and inspect the restoration and preservation efforts.

Cultural components feature private salsa, cha cha cha, and rumba dance lessons by Cuban pros, a community sponsored block party for teachers, librarians, and book lovers, an afternoon for reflection and relaxation on the world-famed beaches of Varadero, a group dinner at the renowned restaurant "La Guarida" where the Cuban blockbuster "Strawberry and Chocolate" was filmed, attendance at a regal cannon firing ceremony dating from 1519, and a week of evenings to enjoy venues where the best Cuban music is performed.

The Havana Book Fair Tour group will witness island history and cultural while staying in the historic five-star Hotel Habana Libre, providing a luxurious respite during this action packed itinerary. Tour costs, registration, and legal travel information is detailed at Havana Book Fair Tour. For more information call Marcel Hatch, Education Director, Cuba Education Tours, 708 - 207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7 Canada, phone 877-687-3817 or 604-677-2944, fax 604-874-9041.

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