The Art of Clint Wilson

Clint WilsonThe winter season at the Nanaimo Art Gallery, campus location, 900 Fifth Street, begins with the work of Clint Wilson. This exhibit questions the nature of the physical forces that create, maintain, and eventually destroy human and animal life. Wilson's work "Logos" presents "photographic inventories of monstrous moths and butterflies, marked with various logos and branding from the corporate world of biotechnology and forestry. The images record insect specimens fixed upon the envelopes in which they were originally collected - hand written data indicating species type, place and date of collection and gender surround the small animals which appear pinned between the cloud-like specimen envelopes and a sheet of glass. Stamped with the branding of entities such as Monsanto and Hydro Quebec, the subjects of Logos emerge as a collection of new insect species that could be seen fluttering through a utopian forest constructed within the bio-mimetic environment of a post-industrial landscape. Wilson's works "Carousel" runs from January 9 to February 14, 2009, with an opening reception on Friday, January 9, 2009, from 7 to 9 pm. For more information call Chris Kuderle at 250-740-6350.

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