Simon Schachner for City Council

Simon SchachnerTwenty-five-year-old Simon Schachner grew up in Terrace BC and has lived in Nanaimo most of his adult life. He's a South End resident who spends much of his time downtown. Since moving to Nanaimo, Simon have been very active in the community. He is a volunteer programmer and board member at Radio Malaspina, a public events organizer, and a founding member of the Popular Participation Movement.

Much of Simon's inspiration for community involvement and political activism comes from his experiences in South America. The most influential experience was probably the Canada World Youth exchange program between Nelson BC and Uruguay which he did in 2004. Some recent events he has organized with fellow youth activists include the 2nd annual Nanaimo Grassroots Festival, the alternative to Empire Days event, and the "Rally for Peace, Justice, and Equality". Schachner led the effort to have one of Nanaimo's and Canada's greatest leaders, Tommy Douglas, recognized through a public renaming contest that he organized for Harbourfront Plaza after city council decided "in camera" to cancel the city's own planned public process. Said Schachner:
As a city councilor I will work to bring the necessary energy and interest to city hall to build a vibrant and participatory political culture in Nanaimo. I will be a defender of the Official Community Plan and a strong advocate for the implementation of "Smart Growth" principles of mixed land use, environmental preservation, and reducing dependency on the automobile. I will work for more affordable housing, expanded recycling services and facilities, preservation of agricultural lands, food security, and improved public transit including the return of the downtown bus exchange.

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