Nina Gribble for School Trustee

Nina GribbleNina Gribble has degrees in international affairs and institutional administration. For the past 30 years she has worked as a counselor in social work, both as an education councilor for the mentally challenged and rehabilitating injured workers. Nina has also worked as a union organizer for the western provinces. At one point she stopped working to raise her two boys and she has been involved with parent advisory councils as chair and/or secretary, and has been a district parent advisory council representative. She sat on committees like education, finance, race, and multicultural. Presently, Gribble wants to be a voice for all parents as a school trustee. Nina Gimble's guiding principles are best public education, adequate funding for public schools, and all educational partners being involved in the decision making process. Says Gribble:
My strengths lie in my ability to organize, negotiate, and lobby. I have a passion for what I believe in. I believe we should have the best education possible for our children. They are all equal and deserve the best. As a trustee, I would try to achieve this main goal which includes all the other goals. Best public education includes art programs and all programs that give our children the best rounded education possible.

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