Nanaimo Inaugural Council Meeting

Fred Pattje and the two other new members of Nanaimo City Council, plus our new mayor John Ruttan, will officially assume their posts at the inaugural council meeting at 7 pm on Monday, December 1, 2008. The venue is the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, aka Port of Nanaimo Centre, and there will be a reception immediately following the ceremony. The public is invited.

I have mixed feelings about the new council as a few dinosaurs from the old council managed to get reelected. It appears that Bill Bestwick got the most votes thanks to his years as a hockey coach, certainly an important qualification for city councillors. Just ask Larry McNabb who has been flogging his hockey credentials for decades from behind the city council bench.

Three councillors I voted for were elected this time: Fred Pattje, Bill Holdom, and Jim Kipp. I supported Diane Brennan for mayor, but would agree with most voters that John Ruttan is a big improvement over Gary Korpan. Next Monday’s inauguration will be a social event. What the new council does after December 1st is what really matters.

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