Gordon Fuller on the Issues

Gordon FullerGordon Fuller, a candidate for Nanaimo City Council in the November, 2008, municipal election, has issued a statement on several important issues facing our city: “I believe Nanaimo is a unique city that has an opportunity to avoid the mistakes other cities have made in the past. We need to focus on the preservation of Nanaimo's heritage with development that works in harmony with the waterfront and mountain vistas, maintaining the unique character of neighbourhoods and the community - citizen driven and not developer driven. Smart Growth not rapid growth should determine Nanaimo's future.”

Said Fuller, “Nanaimo is fast becoming a laughing stock among communities across Canada when it comes to urban planning. We need to implement smart growth principals, creating density within, rather than by expanding the urban containment boundary. Neighbourhood involvement needs to be the first step for developers before taking their projects to the city for approval.”

In keeping with his vision of a healthy community, Gord believes, “we must focus on the environment, both urban and rural. Initiatives for green energy, environmental protection, and public ownership of our drinking water must be given priority. We need to ensure that privatization of water never comes up on the agenda of the municipality or Regional District. Nanaimo needs to look to the purchase of the watersheds surrounding our drinking water.”

In running for council for the third time, Gordon Fuller offers Nanaimo voters an alternative to vested interests: “If there is even a remote chance of conflict or perceived conflict of interest, councilors must make it known.” Those who have followed the local news over the past few years will know that transparency hasn't always been a feature of council.

Fuller believes our city parks need better protection: “From recreational to Tot Lots, we need to ensure all of Nanaimo's parks are dedicated and safe from rezoning in the future.” On food security, Gord says: “The City of Nanaimo must adopt a food charter to coordinate municipal strategy that will encourage greater support for local food producers as well as allowing for the development of community gardens that would help to provide food security to those in need in Nanaimo.”

For more information on municipal election issues, visit the Gordon Fuller Blog.

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