City Councillor for Life?

Ron Bolin, a candidate for Nanaimo City Council in the November 15, 2008, civic election, has posted an intriguing timeline for the members of our current council on his campaign website. As Bolin shows, Loyd Sherry, Gary Korpan, and Larry McNabb have sat on council for around a quarter of a century. Sherry has been a city father since 1981, and Korpan, who joined council in 1985, has been mayor since 1994. All three are now running for reelection, although based on their performance at recent all candidates forums, they appear to be well past their expiry dates.

Bill Holdon has been on council since 1987, but rather than showing signs of senility, Bill displayed his experience and mastery of the issues at both all candidates forums I attended and he's the only incumbent councillor who will have my vote on November 15 (I'm planning to vote for Diane Brennan for mayor).

I really think it's time for a change in Nanaimo. The old council has burdened us with a mediocre conference centre which now hangs like an albatross around our necks. They have demonstrated their incompetence in real estate dealings involving highrise condos and a hotel downtown. Yes, Holdom also voted in favour of the conference centre but I'll forgive him that indiscretion. But not Korpan and Manhas who should be assigned full blame for the Millennium fiasco.

Ron Bolin wants to limit the terms of future councils (and presumably the mayor) to two terms. Angela Negrin, another council candidate, wants to bring in a ward system whereby each councillor would represent a specific part of the city. I like both of these reforms a lot and these candidates have my vote. Throw the tired old rascals out!

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