United With Jack Layton

At a campaign rally at Charlottetown Airport yesterday, New Democrat Leader Jack Layton urged supporters of the Liberal, Green, and the old Progressive Conservative parties to “come together and defeat Stephen Harper, by supporting New Democrats in this election.”

Layton slammed the Prime Minister for his “We don't have to do anything” attitude to the recent US financial crisis. Layton said that Harper is not going to do anything to protect your jobs, your pensions, and the home you live in.”

“Yesterday, Harper was telling Canadians he needed a majority or we would all be in trouble,” said Layton. The New Democrat leader reminded the Prime Minister that he had an effective majority over the past two years because “Mr. Dion supported you 43 times on everything you wanted to do.”

“If you wanted to help working families and the real economy you had the chance,” said Layton.

Layton said New Democrats would cancel Harper's proposed big tax cuts for big banks and corporations and instead would invest that money in manufacturing, training, and making sure families had access to a family doctor. “With a united progressive vote behind the New Democrats — we can make change happen” said Layton.

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