Send Gordon Campbell a Message

BC NDP Leader Carole James today joined Vancouver-Burrard and Vancouver-Fairview NDP candidates at a "Send Gordon Campbell a Message" campaign event to kick off the NDP by-election blitz. James was joined by NDP candidates Spencer Herbert and Jenn McGinn. The event featured the video below of voters tired of Gordon Campbell's arrogance and misplaced priorities and looking forward to sending a message on October 29, 2008.

"With less than two weeks to the provincial by-elections, New Democrats have hit the ground running," said James. "Voters have a clear choice: they can send two BC Liberal backbenchers to Victoria who will tell Gordon Campbell what a good job he is doing, or they can send two strong New Democrats who will stand up everyday and hold Gordon Campbell accountable."

James said that Gordon Campbell is showing his true colours. Instead of focusing on the needs of average people, the Premier is giving his top aides big salary increases, imposing an unfair and ineffective gas tax, and ignoring critical issues like growing homelessness, declining patient care, and a faltering economy.

"British Columbians want action on their priorities," said James. "But instead the Premier cancelled the Legislature and sent his government on vacation. That's not leadership. That's running scared from his record and from tough questions."

"This election is about priorities and it's about electing candidates that are in touch with the needs of the ordinary people," said Vancouver-Burrard candidate, Spencer Herbert. "The residents of Burrard can count on me to fight everyday for better health care, safe communities, and for a government that cares about the needs of average families."

"These by-elections are an opportunity to hold Gordon Campbell accountable for a record of arrogance and mean-spiritedness," said Vancouver-Fairview candidate Jenn McGinn. "It's about sending out a clear message about his failure to stand up for everyday people. And it's about forcing him to listen to the challenges facing real people. That's what Carole James and the New Democrats are doing every day. And that's why I'm running - to be part of the NDP team and to make sure that ordinary people are heard, not ignored."

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