Ron Bolin for City Council

Ron Bolin, a candidate for Nanaimo City Council in the November 2008 civic election, sent this election statement:

On council I would like to help citizens to:
• Bring ALL of us to the party that a few of us have been celebrating.
• Return city hall to its roots. Wider participation in the electoral and planning processes is needed for a healthy community. Citizens need to feel that they matter.
• Build one community from our many neighbourhoods with emphasis on nurturing our existing population as well as attracting newcomers.
• Investigate fiscal and institutional policies from both home and overseas which could improve the lives of our citizens.

Ron BolinMy education and professional experience has been eclectic. Early jobs included being the straw boss of a mail room in a large loan company, a spot welder in a small manufacturing plant, and stoking a coal furnace and taking out the trash in an apartment building for a room at university. I have calculated subsidies for home buyers in a building and loan company in Germany (where I met my wife). I have degrees in government and geography, and I taught geography at the University of Calgary. I have worked in the planning department at the City of Edmonton, as well as the management studies, systems and budgets, and computer departments there. I have managed a start-up computer mapping business and have been a geographic information systems and development consultant to governments at all levels from the municipal to the international.

I have lived in Nanaimo for nearly 20 years, coming from Alberta (and Singapore) when my wife, Inge, took a job teaching Anthropology at Malaspina College. While some of that time has been spent working overseas, much has also been spent in Nanaimo working on a variety of community activities, including the early days of the Gleaners and the LETS project as well as the Nanaimo OnLine Association (NOLA) which was perhaps the earliest promoter of the Internet in the area; the Mid Island Science, Technology and Innovation Council (MISTIC); the city’s Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE); and the Friends of Plan Nanaimo. Over the years I have had dozens of letters published in our local newspapers and have appeared numerous times before council.

I would like to put my education and experience to work for the citizens of Nanaimo. I ask that you cast one of your eight council votes for Ron Bolin on November 15, 2008. (But remember: if you do not find eight candidates with whom you feel comfortable, you need not cast all eight votes.) For further information about myself and our city, visit my website Bolin's Bytes or call 250-758-3973.

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