Public Transit for Vancouver

New Democrat leader Jack Layton and Michael Byers, the New Democrat candidate for Vancouver Centre, brought the federal election campaign to the Burrard SkyTrain station this morning. Accompanied by an enthusiastic group of volunteers they handed out leaflets and talked to commuters.

Earlier in the campaign, Layton unveiled the New Democrats' platform, which includes urgently-needed support for transit. New Democrats will dedicate one cent per litre of the federal gas tax to public transit. Transit will also receive support from revenue generated by the New Democrats' cap-and-trade plan.

“For Vancouver, that investment is the equivalent of purchasing 62 new SkyTrain cars, or 360 new energy efficient hybrid buses” said Layton.

“For British Columbian voters, the choice is clear – Conservatives or New Democrats,” said Layton. “As Prime Minister, I'll put the kitchen table ahead of the boardroom table. I invite supporters of the Liberal, Green, and Progressive Conservative parties to join together with New Democrats to defeat Stephen Harper.”

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