Plan to Protect Working Families

New Democrat Leader Jack Layton brought his campaign to defeat Stephen Harper to Vancouver Island yesterday. At a ‘townhall’ meeting in Courtenay, Layton said, “This election has come down to two real choices. It’s a choice between the few – the people who have had it all their own way for many years—or the many – ordinary families. It’s a choice between Conservatives and New Democrats.”

Layton blasted Prime Minister Stephen Harper for ignoring the interests of working families with his do-nothing attitude to the current economic crisis. “New Democrats have a prudent, sensible plan for our economy. We’ll replace Harper’s billions in welfare for banks and oil companies with stable taxes, and targeted investments in the real economy to protect jobs,” said Layton. “As Prime Minister, I’ll ensure we train more doctors and nurses, lower the cost of prescription drugs, and fight climate change with a plan that works.”

The New Democrat leader encouraged supporters of the Liberal, Green, and old Progressive Conservative parties to come together to defeat Harper by electing New Democrats on October 14, 2008.

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