Nanaimo Municipal Election Websites

NanaimoElections.comThe November 15, 2008, Nanaimo municipal election has spawned a number of websites. It’s rather surprising that of the three serious candidates for mayor, only Diane Brennan has taken the trouble to create a campaign website. If you feel it's time for a change at city hall, Diane’s site is worth a look. Outgoing mayor Gary Korpan and businessman John Rattan don’t seem to think it’s necessary to communicate with the online community.

Many of the 26 candidates for Nanaimo City Council now have sites. Last election Fred Pattje came within a few hundred votes of winning one of the eight seats and it looks like he’s going to make it this time. Ron Bolin and Gordon Fuller also did quite well last time and they also stand a good chance of being elected this year. Bill Forbes, Simon Schachner, and Pat Squire also have websites. As far as I know, incumbent councilors Bill Holdom and Loyd Sherry don’t have websites.

If I had to give an award for the most useful Nanaimo election website, it would be shared by incumbent school trustee candidates Nelson Allen and Donna Allen. Not only do they introduce themselves, but they provide information on most other candidates for political office in Nanaimo with links, emails, and telephone numbers. Now that’s democratic! Carol McNamee is another school trustee candidate with a site. A profile of candidate Jamie Brennan is here.

Beverley Eert is running for Director Area A (Cassidy, Cedar, and South Wellington) in the Regional District of Nanaimo and her site is one of the few which includes an open forum where viewers can ask questions and post comments. The most lively elections forum of all is on Nanaimo Information. Finally, I should mention South End Votes, a Nanaimo political blog.

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