Maartman and Crowder Mark Thanksgiving

Jean Crowder and Zeni MaartmanWhile Canadians gather with family over the Thanksgiving long weekend, Nanaimo New Democrats reflect on what they are grateful for and what they're determined to protect when elected members of parliament.

“As a Canadian I’m grateful for our public health care system,” said Jean Crowder, NDP MP seeking re-election in Nanaimo-Cowichan. “As we all gather around our kitchen tables this holiday, we have the time to appreciate how lucky we are, and look forward to making our country even better. Our families give us strength to continue working to making sure every family has a family doctor, has access to affordable child care, and that our environment is protected.”

As families in Nanaimo take comfort in their homes around those they love, Zeni Maartman, NDP Candidate in Nanaimo-Alberni, remains hopeful in these uncertain economic times. “These are indeed troubling times for many Canadian families as jobs continue to be lost while costs of living continue to rise,” said Maartman. “Over this Thanksgiving we have to remember those anxious about their future, who may have lost or are worried about their job, who can’t afford to take care of their aging parents or child care for their kids, and especially those living in poverty, who are homeless, hungry, and too often alone.”

On the eve of the Thanksgiving weekend, uncertain economic times will likely be the topic of conversation as Canadians share dinner with their families. With the Canadian dollar in free fall, big banks continuing to hoard profits away from stressed home owners, and ongoing job losses across Canada, many families will be considering their choice on election day.

“This election has been about what’s important around Canadians’ kitchen tables,” said Crowder. “While other Parties worry about what’s happening around corporate board room tables, Jack Layton’s New Democrats are working address the concerns of everyday Canadians, who have been the victims of Conservative neglect.”

“It’s very important everyone gets out and votes this Tuesday, October 14, 2008,” said Maartman. “We have a choice in this election – give away $50 billion to banks, wealthy corporations and oil companies, or put families first.”

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