Jean Crowder Celebrates Three-peat

Jean CrowderIn Nanaimo-Cowichan, a five-week long whirlwind of an election campaign has ended up where it started. With a decisive victory, Jean Crowder has retained her position as member of parliament for the riding, making it her third win. Crowder stood proud, knowing that her team worked hard and maintained a positive tone throughout the campaign. In her victory speech, Crowder shared her deep appreciation for the many dedicated volunteers and supporters who backed her, not only during the campaign but also throughout her time as MP.

"Being elected for a third time feels great. We worked hard and I think the voters of Nanaimo-Cowichan made it clear that they want the needs of their families to be put front and centre in Ottawa," said Crowder, noting that "I'll work hard every day to do just that. The people of Nanaimo-Cowichan voted for hope, peace, social and economic justice and an environmental conscience. These are the shared values that we will build on as we continue to work together toward the change that we believe is possible."

Crowder was pleased to learn that she will return to Ottawa as part of a larger New Democratic Party caucus. In terms of another minority government, Crowder believes that, especially in these uncertain economic times, it is more important than ever for politicians to work together. New Democrats will be looking for the Prime Minister to show leadership in this regard, approaching his new minority differently than in the past.

"Prime Minister Harper needs to acknowledge that more Canadians voted against his policies than for them. Out of respect for the voters, he should make an effort to collaborate with other parties to make this parliament work."

Crowder reminds constituents that her office is open to serve every resident, regardless of how they voted and she welcomes people to contact her with their concerns about federal issues. To contact the MP, call 1-866-609-9998, or drop into the offices in Duncan or Nanaimo.

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