Conservatives or New Democrats?

New Democrat Leader Jack Layton slammed Prime Minister Harper today for ignoring working families and failing to protect pensions, savings, and homes in a time of economic uncertainty. “I'll tell you the problem with Stephen Harper's do-nothing attitude – pull one thread and the whole sweater unravels. And it's the working families of Canada who will be left out in the cold. That's why the time has come to throw Stephen Harper out!”

“In tough times, I'll protect health care and education,” Layton said. “Stephen Harper cares about just one thing – bank and oil company profits. He'll cut services to you but keep handing out corporate welfare cheques.”

Layton also blasted Stephane Dion's carbon tax proposal, calling it “the same as Gordon Campbell's tax-your-family plan”, and pointing out that it's “an ineffective and unfair way to address climate change. New Democrats have a fairer, better plan that will work”, said Layton.

The New Democrat Leader called on British Columbians who have previously voted Liberal, Green, or Progressive Conservative to “come together and defeat Stephen Harper, by supporting New Democrats in this election.”

Layton added: “This election is a choice between the boardroom table, or the kitchen table. The kitchen table priorities of working families will always be at the top of my list.”

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