CanWest Media Bully

This five-minute video tells of moves by Canwest Global Communications Corporation, Canada's largest media organisation, to intimidate Vancouver activists:

Update: The share price of CanWest Global Communications (CGS-T) - owners of the Nanaimo Daily News - fell as low as 88 cents today (October 31, 2008). Three years ago CGS-T was trading at $15 a share and they've been in a steady decline ever since. Are they headed for bankruptcy? The decision to sue the Vancouver activists discussed in the video above suggests managerial incompetence at the highest levels of CanWest Global Communications. It's reminiscent of the notorious McDonald's libel lawsuit in the UK a few years back. I hope CanWest doesn't go down as their newspapers provide a valuable public service but it would be nice to hear that a more together organisation was buying them out at the current bargain price and sending the Asper family packing.

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