Bring Our Troops Home

Today, Paul Dewar (Ottawa-Centre) says Conservatives and Liberals must explain how they plan to pay for the Afghanistan mission to which they have committed Canada.

“Throughout this campaign, Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion have argued that New Democrat plans to invest in hiring doctors, in protecting jobs, in helping families are irresponsible,” said Dewar. “Today, the Parliamentary Budget Office has revealed that the cost of the mission in Afghanistan has expanded from initial estimates of $8 billion for a six year mission to $18.1 billion.”

New Democrats have argued that in the face of deteriorating lives for average Afghans, of NATO leadership questioning our course, that it’s time for a new strategy for Afghanistan.

“If the mission is not working now then why are we continuing with three more years of the same?”, asked Dewar. “If this isn’t the right mission after 2011, it’s not the right mission now.”

Jack Layton and the NDP want to bring our troops home from Afghanistan in six months, instead of spending $18.1 billion dollars on this war for three more years. Rather than spending this money on war, the NDP will invest in hiring more doctors and more skilled jobs training here in Canada.

“And I think Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion need to explain to Canadians why we’re continuing with a mission that isn’t working and that Canadians can not afford.”

On behalf of New Democrats Dewar thanked the Parliamentary Budget Officer for his work.

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