Book With Pacesetter Travel

I usually book my international travel through Pacesetter in Victoria, and here are a few of the reasons why. Pacesetter Travel provides the best service. Phone calls are always answered by a person in their office (during office hours) and no voicemail mazes are encountered. I know that my travel funds are protected in British Columbia by the provincially-regulated Travel Assurance Fund when you book with a BC registered travel agency. There’s no protection for Internet bookings.

Pacesetter is almost always able to find a better, or at least equivalent airfare in much less time than what’s available online - they have better technology than the Internet, plus years of professional expertise. Pacesetter can book complex itineraries with multiple stopovers, side-trips etc, at very reasonable fares (they have contracts with the airlines) that you won't find on the Internet. Pacesetter can book your flights and hold the space while you confirm your plans compared to instant purchase on the Internet.

Travel arrangements such as accommodations, car rentals, daytrips, tours, etc. can be booked with them well in advance and held with a single small deposit of $300 per person on all arrangements, with final due just 45 days prior to departure (compared to giving out your credit card information to multiple unknown entities around the world, online).

Through Pacesetter’s large tour operator division, Goway Travel, they can provide you with backup service in all destinations (compared to no backup in the event of problems if booked online). Customized and personalized travel arrangements are Pacesetter’s specialty - your trip can be one-of-a-kind. Pacesetter Travel is located at the corner of Fort and Douglas in downtown Victoria, across from the Bay Centre, #350-1070 Douglas Street. They are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm. The contact numbers are tel 250-361-4887 or 1-888-680-1184.

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