Bill Forbes for City Council

Bill ForbesBill Forbes, a candidate for Nanaimo City Council in the November 15, 2008, municipal election has been a resident of Nanaimo for more than 16 years. Bill is a local business owner who chose Nanaimo as his home because it is a beautiful city. He has been involved in community groups and city committees for over 10 years because there is no better place to have an effect on quality of life issues than at the municipal level.

Forbes has been chair or co-chair of the Brechin Hill Community Association (BHCA) for more than 10 years. He has been a member of the Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network (NNN) for an equal length of time, and for the past two years, until recently, was co-chair of the NNN. Bill has been a member of the Plan Nanaimo Advisory Committee (PNAC) representing the community for over six years and has been chair of PNAC for a year. Forbes has also been a member of the Parking Advisory Committee representing the community, and the Neighbourly Home Committee, again representing the community.

Suffice it to say, Bill Forbes has been a community representative for many years, and he has an excellent record of successes that have preserved and enhanced Nanaimo’s communities. He would like the opportunity to represent the city in an official capacity as a city councilor if the voters of Nanaimo elect him. As a councilor Bill will use his skills in planning, negotiating, and community service to include the people of Nanaimo in the business of moving the city of Nanaimo forward.

For more information on Forbes’s platform and track record, call 250-753-5425. Bill Forbes will be available to meet constituents before and after the all candidates forum scheduled for 6:30 pm on Monday, November 3, 2008, at Vancouver Island Conference Centre, 101 Gordon Street, Mt Benson Ballroom D.

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