24-Hour Campaign Marathon

From 6 pm on October 23 to 6 pm on October 24, NDP candidates Spencer Herbert and Jenn McGinn took to the streets of Vancouver-Fairview and Vancouver-Burrard for 24 straight hours to meet and talk to voters in the NDP’s first ever 24-campaign. They visited fire halls, bowling alleys, coffee shops, movie theatres, and yoga studios. They were out all night long talking to shift workers at the hospitals, drug stores, bus stops and anywhere with an 'open' sign blinking in the night. Everywhere they went, Jenn and Spencer found friendly people who were excited about the opportunity to send a message to Gordon Campbell this Wednesday, October 29, 2008. Here’s the film:

UPDATE: Congratulations to voters in Vancouver-Fairview and Vancouver-Burrard for electing these outstanding NDP candidates!

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