Vote for Environment

I received the message below from old folksinger Bob Bossin of Gabriola Island. Bob’s comments are right on the mark:

This is a blatantly political message, but it is also heart-felt. And urgent. As some of you know, Nanaimo-Cowichan, the federal riding that includes Gabriola Island, is one of the seats the Conservatives are focusing on in their push for a majority government. God forbid.

Allow me this brief, 100-word rant. In a few short years of a Harper minority government, Canada has become one of the worst heel-draggers on global warming. Our military has shifted from peace-keeping to war making. Where we once welcomed war resistors, we now turn them away. In April, the Conservatives de-regulated and de-staffed food inspection, and we know what happened in August. They plan to do the same for the airline industry. Prisons, they say "are for punishment." They don't much like the arts and they don't get the internet. I could go on. If Harper wins his majority, I shudder to think how, well, American, Canada will become. End of rant.

Fortunately in this riding, what to do about it come election day, is clear: Jean Crowder is not only good people and a good MP, she is the only candidate who can beat the Conservatives. To vote Green here (or for that matter to vote Liberal), is, de facto, to vote Conservative. In Central Nova, I would vote for Elizabeth May in a heartbeat. In Nanaimo-Cowichan, it would be folly.

And there is another thing we can do. This happens to be a time when our ability to communicate with one another has never been greater. To contact you with this message, I just had to overcome my reticence about doing it. (I'm Canadian, after all.) The rest, nowadays, is easy. If you do it too, if you contact your friends and colleagues, acquaintances and list-mates and let them know what you are thinking, we could actually affect the results in this riding and, who knows, we might even affect more than that. Too much is at stake not to at least try.

Of course, Bob's comments also apply to Zeni Maartman in the federal riding of Nanaimo-Alberni. There is an remarkably thorough and informative site indicating how to vote effectively in each riding: WWW.VOTEFORENVIRONMENT.CA - I highly recommend it!

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