Taking on Big Polluters

Jack LaytonWe're three days into the election campaign and already the choices couldn't be clearer. Right after Jack Layton promised to take on Canada's worst tar sands polluters, Stephen Harper defended his $50 billion corporate giveaway to his friends in Big Oil. The choice is clear. A Prime Minister like Jack Layton who'll always put the health of families first, or more of Stephen Harper looking out for his powerful friends.

This campaign is about choosing change that'll move us forward. There’s a better way than corporate giveaways to the same gas companies that gouge us at the pumps. We need leadership that puts families first.

Did you see Jack Layton today at the General Motors plant in Oshawa announcing the NDP Plan to renew Canadian manufacturing? It's a strategy that will create quality jobs in the new energy economy. Later he's touring a solar panel assembly plant that's creating the sustainable jobs of tomorrow. That's the kind of change we need. Change that'll take us forward, not backward. Let's elect Jack Layton - a Prime Minister who'll take on the Big Polluters and put you and your family first.

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