Nanaimo Bar Recipe

Nanaimo barsIt’s rather ironic that our city’s greatest claim to fame is a dessert, the calorie-rich Nanaimo bar. Google returns 2,190,000 results for the words “nanaimo bars”, well ahead of second-placed “nanaimo jobs” with 1,720,000 results. We’ve just posted a Nanaimo bar recipe on Of course, there are many variations, but we’ve tried to provide a standard version.

The three-layer Nanaimo bars consist of a base layer of butter, sugar, cocoa, egg, almonds or walnuts, coconut, and wafer crumbs. The filling is a combination of vanilla custard, cream, butter, and icing sugar, while the topping is chocolate with butter. Although the chocolate and butter need to be melted before mixing, no cooking is required in the process. Refrigeration is essential, however. That indicates that the Nanaimo bar originated sometime after the 1930s when home refrigeration was introduced. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the Nanaimo bar first appeared in a local cookbook. The Nanaimo bars pictured here were purchased at the Fairway Market at Brooks Landing which has a pretty good deli section.

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