Greens Help Elect Conservatives

Today Jean Martin of Lantzville, British Columbia, sent this comment:

The Conservative's best friends are the Greens. The NDP shares many of the values of the Green Party. Yet we are seeing the Greens giving us so many awful leaders. They gave the US to Bush. Hopefully they will not give the US to McCain for four more years. I think that US voters won't let this happen again.

The Greens also gave BC to Campbell. I just checked the figures for the last provincial election. The NDP would have easily formed the BC government in 2005 if the Greens had not been in the race. In riding after riding the Greens were the determining factor in the results. Campbell would have even lost his own seat had there not been a green candidate in the riding. 50.4% of voters voted for either the Green party or the NDP in Campbell's riding. 46% voted for the liberals. So we were saddled with the liberals. Thanks Greens!

In the last federal election James Lunney, doctor of chiropractic, got elected in 2006 with only 41% of the vote. He got 26,102 votes and the opposition received about 37,000 votes between them. Greens, don't hand over the election to the Conservatives.

For more information on the question of vote splitting, visit Vote for Environment.

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