Friends Belly Dancing

Friends Dining Lounge, 621 Townsite Road, Nanaimo, is presenting Middle Eastern-style belly dancing at 7 pm on Saturday, September 6, 2008, as they always do on the first Saturday of the month. There’s no cover charge although tips are accepted. Some patrons really get into the spirit by doing a bit of hip shaking themselves and tucking a $5 bill into a dancer’s costume! Aside from the belly dancing, Friends is famous for its exotic food, custom-made by gourmet chef Paul Gouda. If you’ve ever wanted to try buffalo ribs, wild boar steaks, or frogs legs, here’s your chance without having to pay five-star prices. Two-course dinners with chicken, pork, lamb, or beef are under $18 (the specialty foods about $10 more). Reservations are always recommended on belly dancing nights (call 250-716-0012 or 250-619-7701). It’s fun for everyone.

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