Five Goals of Diane Brennan

Diane BrennanCity councillor, Diane Brennan, a leading candidate for Mayor of Nanaimo in the November 2008 municipal election, has released a memo outlining her five goals as mayor:

1) Open, collaborative leadership

We can achieve more as a community if we work together to reach our goals. My leadership style is to put local citizens first, to listen carefully, and to work with all community groups and all levels of government in an open and constructive manner.

2) A regional approach to long-term economic and social sustainability.

We need to broaden our economic and geographic thinking to look at new economic and social development opportunities. I will work to make the City of Nanaimo play a central role in bringing together groups such as the Vancouver Island University, the Chamber of Commerce, arts, culture, and recreation organizations and others for the long-term benefit of our community and region.

3) Build on our rich ethnic and cultural diversity

Nanaimo can be a city where newcomers from different places in the world are able to participate fully in everything our city has to offer and in all facets of public life. I will work to make Nanaimo a community where diversity and difference are valued and celebrated.

4) Economic and social development go hand-in-hand

It is time we recognized that economic and social development are dependent on one another. In order to build a sustainable, thriving economy, we need to also ensure we are building a society that is inclusive, just and sustainable. To do this, people from all walks of life and socio-economic levels need to work together to define and achieve our goals. I will work hard to make this happen.

5) Preservation and protection of our natural environment

The rugged beauty of our natural environment is a critical economic advantage and central to our island lifestyle. With strong leadership from local citizens, we have worked together to protect Linley Valley and Mount Benson. This is a good beginning but there is much left to do. I will support and promote working in partnership with non-profit groups to preserve and protect our natural environment.

Said Brennan, “We need a new approach to governance and a fresh leadership style if our City is to realize its full potential as a vibrant, healthy and sustainable community. I have therefore set out five clear goals that will guide my campaign - and my decisions as mayor if I am elected.”

For more information on Diane Brennan's campaign, call 250-758-3676.

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