Elizabeth May Says Vote NDP

GoNanaimo.com has received this comment from fellow blogger Chris Alemany of Port Alberni, British Columbia:

Well, not specifically... but I knew you would find this interesting as a fellow progressive voter, and I hope that you could publish this note that I wrote to the AV Times as well as on my blog at www.murkyview.com on why I'm switching my vote from Green to NDP.

At the all candidates meeting this past Thursday night in Port Alberni I asked a question to John Fryer on how the Green Party would convince enough people to switch to the Greens and beat John Lunney. His answer was their excellent, progressive platform, unfortunately, this did not resolve the anxiety I had that following my true desire would produce an acceptable result.

I have been conflicted as I agree with so many of the Greens stated goals and policies. Not just on the Environment, but also on support for education, fiscal responsibility, and foreign policy.

Thankfully, my conflict has been resolved... not by John Fryer, but by his party leader, Elizabeth May. In an interview with the Toronto Star on Friday she said... "I'd rather have no Green seats and Stephen Harper lose, than a full caucus that stares across the floor at Stephen Harper as prime minister, because his policies are too dangerous".

So there you have it. Even though my Green Party sign will continue to be displayed on my front lawn, it will be Zeni Maartman and the NDP that get my vote in this riding and I hope all other progressive voters, Liberal, Green and of course NDP, do the same.

An excellent source of information on the subject of vote splitting and strategic voting is Vote for Environment.

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