Say No to Cable Bay

Say NO to the Cable Bay Lands Project by signing an Elector Response Form. Here's some information about Cable Bay:

Where and what is Cable Bay?
Cable Bay is over 500 acres of forest and waterfront southeast of Harmac. 420 acres are in the City of Nanaimo, and 90 acres are in the Regional District of Nanaimo (Cedar). The City wants to take those 90 acres away from the RDN to benefit a developer. The Cable Bay trail extends from Nicola Road to Joans Point. Another trail continues along the shore to the municipal park at Dodds Narrows. The property includes environmentally sensitive areas, including Garry Oak meadows, wetlands and wildlife corridors.

What type of development is currently permitted?
Currently, 5-acre lots are permitted in the City portion and 20-acre lots in the RDN portion for a total of 90 lots. The property is zoned Rural Residential, in keeping with the surrounding community.

What is the proposed development?
An Alberta developer has submitted a proposal to the City to re-zone the property to Resort Development, so that it can build a golf course, resort and 1,876 residential units.

How will this impact me?
1. It may increase your taxes. You will end up paying to provide services to a development far from the City core.
2. It will promote unwanted urban sprawl. Which tract of forested land will be next?
3. It will detract from the revitalization of the downtown core.
4. It will fundamentally alter the Cable Bay trail. It will become a corridor between back yards instead of a path through treed meadows.
5. It will significantly impact environmentally sensitive areas.
6. It will double traffic volume to Cedar. Inadequate rural roads and intersections will require expensive major upgrades.
7. It will provide no affordable housing. A segregated suburb of wealthy people will hardly contribute to the fabric of community.

How can I stop it?
Sign a Elector Response Form to let the City know that you are opposed to this boundary extension. If 10 percent of voters submit the form, the City will have to choose between dropping the request or taking it to referendum.

Obtain a form at: Legislative Services, Nanaimo City Hall, 455 Wallace Street

Drop-off and/or pick-up of forms can also be arranged by calling one of the following contacts:

Beverley Eert Residence, 2094 Gould Road (off Cedar Road), tel. 250-722-2606
Fred Pattje Residence, 2830 Fandell Street (off Bay Street in Departure Bay), tel. 250-758-7575
Sharon Speevak Residence, 2948 Nelson Road (Cedar-by-the-Sea), tel. 250-722-2555
Thirsty Camel Café, 14 Victoria Cres (downtown Nanaimo)

Thank you for caring about your community.

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