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Cuba Education ToursWith another school year complete and another class graduated, Cuba Education Tours applauds the contributions of educators to youth and culture. In Cuba, the teacher and the health care provider are held in the highest esteem, as they should be. Rather than idolizing those who accumulate vast wealth and often wield it like a club, islanders celebrate real heroes: working people who make life better now and for the many in the future.

This is why Cuba Education Tours is inviting teachers to join them in Cuba -- to witness a society where people and culture truly come first. The company has many programs introducing teachers to Cuban dance, ballet, music, health care, ecology, architecture -- and island's renowned system of free lifelong education. Their website details every program, and they also have a special Cuba site dedicated exclusively to teachers, students, and volunteers.

Here you'll see the many trips Canadian youth are taking to Cuba that are organized by their teachers. Students come home energized academically and inspired to engage civically as a result of the example they glean from their Cuban peers. Cuba Education Tours helps teachers organize short-term trips for students to participate in island sports, music, dance, history and nature.

Cuba Education Tours is there to assist you, step-by-step, to take an education and culture tour to the island either with your fellow teachers, or a trip that you lead for your students. Many teachers conduct student Cuba tours year after year. They choose the island because it is safe, economical, and the learning opportunities without equal. One more reason to check out their Cuba sites: there is a wealth of information and aids educators can use in the classroom.

Yanelys Marquez and Marcel Hatch, Education Directors at Cuba Education Tours in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, wish BC educators a well-deserved summer break. For more information on the tours, call 1-877-687-3817 toll free or 1-604-677-2944 long distance.

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