Fred Pattje for Council

Fred PattjeLongtime community activist Fred Pattje has announced his intention to run for a place on Nanaimo City Council in November, 2008. Fred was on the ballot in 2005 and came within half a percentage point of winning a seat. This year he's hoping that by getting an early start and holding regular consultation meetings, his campaign will culminate in success.

Fred Pattje worked as a ticketing manager with Canadian Airlines International until 2000 when he retired and moved permanently into his house on Fandell Street, Nanaimo. He became a founding member of the Departure Bay Neighbourhood Association, one of the most successful of its kind in the city. He has also served on various City of Nanaimo committees and task forces. Fred was a founding director of the Friends of Plan Nanaimo, a citizen's group which has sought to protect Nanaimo taxpayers from the expensive pet projects of special interests while promoting sustainable development.

In his current election program, Fred Pattje promises to make every effort to reduce, or at least stabilize, city taxes. He'll promote greater civic transparency and accountability, particularly in the area of fiscal management. Fred supports the concept of a Multiplex so long as no municipal tax funds are used and no parklands are sacrificed. To encourage fresh perspectives and keep the ideas flowing at City Hall, Fred favours a limit of two terms for council members.

Fred Pattje will work to enable more neighbourhoods to develop their own neighbourhood plans. Such plans would be integrated into a broader official community plan and become the community's plan, not the developers' plan. He'll advance a sound policy to protect and maintain our rural resource lands, parklands, green spaces, shorelines, and waterfront areas. He'll help create more, badly needed, off leash parks for dogs.

Fred Pattje favours a diversified economy. He supports Promote Smart Growth principles and practices, including more neighbourhood-sensitive residential infilling within the city, rather than permitting urban sprawl on the edges of the city. He will work diligently to secure safe, affordable housing in cooperation with senior levels of government. He will support initiatives by neighbourhood groups, the business community, law enforcement, and other public officials in order to find real solutions to substance abuse, prostitution, and homelessness throughout the city. Fred Pattje deserves your vote this November.

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