The Food I Love

Cristina Alvarez Magliano is partnering with artists Chelsey Braham, Nana Cook, Rod Corraini, Mary Jane Jessen, Jan Smart, and Lee Stead, and musicians Peter Kurpita and Christine McMahon, to present "The Food I Love", a multidisciplinary approach to an emblematic subject of modern societies. This Alvarez Magliano Studio/Salon will interpret, through images and music, the controversial relationship between food and people, for absence or excess. Fish, pasta, and deserts will be honoured on songs by Schubert (The Trout), Kirby Shaw (Pasta), and Lew Brown & Ray Henderson (Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries).

This interesting event is on Thursday, June 26, 2008, from 7.30 pm to 10 pm, at 5251 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo. Visit All Marquetry to preview and pre-purchase the paintings, or call 250-729-7415 for more information.

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