Cable Bay is Urban Sprawl

Nanaimo City Council wants to change the city’s municipal boundary to facilitate the proposed Cable Bay Golf Resort and Spa in Cedar. It doesn’t seem to matter to our current mayor and council that this environmentally-destructive project will cause horrendous traffic congestion. Nanaimo’s fresh water supplies are finite, and the proposed golf course and residential subdivisions will suck the city’s reservoirs dry while contaminating the groundwater with pesticides. There are many other problems associated with the Cable Bay project, but special interests which stand to profit handsomely seem to have our current city council in their pockets. The objections of local residents are being brushed aside.

Well, a group of dedicated citizens has decided that enough is enough. Over the new few weeks the group will be sacrificing some of their precious summer time to collect 5,800 signatures of people on Nanaimo's voters list to force a referendum on the transfer of some 90 acres from the Regional District of Nanaimo to the municipality. If the boundary change is blocked, the Cable Bay developers may decide that their project is no longer economically feasible and the pristine character of this rural area will be preserved. Beverley Eert, the coordinator of the effort, is urgently seeking volunteers to begin collecting signatures on Sunday, June 29, 2008. If you’re willing to help save Nanaimo from the evils of urban sprawl, call Bev at tel. 250-722-2606.

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