Canadian Baby Harp Seal Slaughter

Michelle Martin of Nanaimo sent me this: The Canadian baby harp-seal slaughter is the largest massacre of marine mammals on the planet. An average of 350,000 baby seals (from two weeks to three months old) are slaughtered on the Canadian ice every March/April. Veterinarians present on the ice during the slaughter have estimated that at least 40 percent of these baby animals are skinned while still alive and conscious. The beautiful harp-seal nursery, which yesterday was a pristine wonder of nature, today has been transformed into a blood-soaked killing field, with the tiny bodies of thousands of freshly-skinned baby seals littering the ice. This is happening in a first world country with that styles itself as a progressive and gentle nation!

The Canadian seal massacre is a commercial slaughter, not a sustenance hunt. It is perpetrated almost exclusively by fishermen during their "off season." There is nothing noble or "cultural" about this barbaric atrocity. Furthermore, the income earned by these baby-seal killers is a tiny fraction of their annual income from fishing. Not only that, this slaughter is subsidized mainly unwittingly and unwillingly by the Canadian taxpayers as it is not "profitable" in its own right. The few million dollars generated by this slaughter pales in comparison to the cost of those government subsidies, as well as the hundreds of millions of dollars of lost revenues from countries boycotting Canadian seafood in protest of this massacre.

A majority of Canadians (as well as international citizens) are strongly opposed to this slaughter. It's about time the government listened...this is, after all, supposed to be a democracy.... "Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong." -- Leo Buscaglia

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