BC Election Amendment Act

As the May 12, 2009, British Columbia provincial election comes closer, the BC Liberals are using their majority in the legislature to the stack the odds in their favour. The Election Amendment Act will limit advertising by third parties to $150,000 maximum during the 120 days prior to the election. This little trick is designed to prevent the BC Teachers Federation from criticizing the Campbell government. Unlike corporations which routinely donate large sums to the BC Liberal Party, the Teachers Federation prefers to make its voice heard through public advertising. And that's the voice Gordo's crew wants to silence.

Of course, Gordon Campbell's Liberal government isn't interested in limiting special interest contributions to political parties. Far from it! Last year the BC Liberals received 77 percent of their contributions from corporations and only 23 percent for individuals while the BC New Democratic Party got 92 percent from individuals and only eight percent from unions. Thus it's no surprise that the Liberals bend over backwards do the corporations bidding, even when it's not in the public interest. He who pays the piper calls the tune and in British Columbia we have the best government money can buy.

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