Truth about the Seal Massacre

Dr. Inge Bolin of Nanaimo has sent this message to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

Dear CBC, We would like to thank you for starting to broadcast the truth about Canada's Seal Massacre. It was refreshing to hear Farley Mowat give his opinion about the atrocities on the Canadian ice that have turned the world against us. It is good to hear honest, brave and wise people like him and Captain Paul Watson instead of the ever insulting and lying Loyola Hearn.

Hearn's statement "They (the Sea Shepherd Society) are a bunch of money-sucking manipulators and their sole aim is to try to suck as much money out of the pockets of people who really don't know what's going on", is not only a lie and an insult to the Sea Shepherd society but with this rude statement and many others he made in the past, he lies to Canadians and the world and insults all of us. Hearn never had the honesty to tell us how much the immense cruelty on the Canadian ice, the rescue efforts, and the fishfood and other boycotts, which are in the hundreds of millions,cost the taxpayers.

Hearn firmly asserts that the Seal Hunt is humane. The December 2007 document by the European Food Safety Authority confirmed the cruelty of the Canadian sealhunt and was specific about the kind of cruelty the baby seals must endure. Yet, Hearn wrote (Feb. 6, 2008): "the EFSA upheld the legitimacy and humaneness of Canada's techniques". How can such a man as Hearn who incessantly distorts the truth represent Canada? We know exactly what's going on, and so does the world, except for quite a few Canadians who are still kept in the dark by the media about the heart-breaking scenes that take place on the Canadian ice and make people shudder around the world.

Canadians and the world need the whole truth. Please CBC report on the diaries of Rebecca Aldworth who had to witness this immense slaughter and please show excerpts from videos you can find at (there are thousands of other videos and photos by individuals and organizations of the international community) so Canadians can decide for themselves whether the commercial seal massacre is humane. If the bone-chilling cruelty the world sees is considered humane by one's leaders, is there still hope for humanity?

Thank you for showing the crime against nature, the cruelty and brutality that takes place in Newfoundland/Labrador. All Canadians must know why "Shame on Canada" resounds from all corners of the world.

"Until we extend the circle of compassion to all living things, we will not find peace". Albert Schweitzer

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